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LM1 Basic Laminator


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Product Details

  • Laminating monroney stickers with our laminator creates incredibly durable and long lasting Lamination presentation.
  • 25.6” per minute speed.
  • For use with Hot Press Laminate sheets.


1 Year Replacement Warranty

MonroneyPlus will replace your laminating machine with a new or comparable model if it ceases to function under normal use.

Contact us to learn more about monroney laminating, as well as other products we sell!


Do I Need A Laminate Machine?

If you purchased Hot Laminate pouches, you’ll need a Laminating Machine— if you don’t already own one—to seal the laminate together to create a clean and clear window application. A display lamination on the outside of a vehicle are essential in protecting the monroney label on that vehicle.


Why Choose MonroneyPlus for Laminating Monroney Stickers?

MonroneyPlus sells only the best, high-quality monroney laminating. Our process is trusted by all of our clients and our customer experience is one of the best. Here at MonroneyPlus, we understand how important it is to have a good buying experience. A display lamination isn’t only used to protect the monroney sticker but they give it a professional appearance.

We have a variety of reasons why you should purchase your laminating products from MonroneyPlus. We only sell only high-quality, strong, and long-lasting lamination. You know your sticker is in good hands with MonroneyPlus’ display lamination. All facilities that we work with are constant clean, to ensure that none of our products are ever contaminated or unclean. Our facilities also handles and packages all our monroney lamination carefully, so that our products come to you in mint, perfect condition. In addition to our packaging, we ensure that our products are shipped directly to you from our business.


Our Customer Service

On the off chance that you have any inquiries or concerns, if it’s not too much trouble contact our help. We are here to help. Got an inquiry, request, or issue for our customer service? Do not hesitate and contact us now!

You’re not going to hang tight days for a solution to your email or need to look out for hold when you call us. At MonroneyPlus, we give amazing customer assistance — a similar kind that we’d want to encounter ourselves.

We work in an industry based on trust. This must be accomplished through correspondence and experienced help — regardless of whether it’s your first time reaching us or on the off chance that you’ve been a client since the start. We invest heavily in addressing all help inquiries as soon as possible.

Your satisfaction is extremely important to us and we need you to have the most ideal involvement in us. We esteem all input — both positive and negative — and use it to improve the items we offer and to construct more grounded relationship with our clients. In the event that you might want to impart a positive encounter to us, it would be ideal if you leave a review. In the event that you’ve experienced an issue or you’re not happy with our monroney lamination services, it would be ideal if you contact our customer service through utilizing our phone number provided on the website. We are determined to solve any issues you may have run into, so you are content with the result.

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