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What exactly are Monroney Window Stickers?

What is the one thing you will find in every showroom or dealer floor aside front the cars themselves? The window sticker. 

Also known as the Monroney sticker. This windows sticker provides universally accepted data and it’s required for all new vehicles sold in the United States. Monroney stickers contain essential vehicle information such as vehicle equipment, safety ratings, fuel economy, replacement parts, interior or performance package, suggested retail price, and more.

What information do these window stickers contain?

The EPA and NHTSA of the federal government verify all the information that goes into a car window sticker or Monroney label sticker so that we know that the information is correct and standard for all automakers. The Monroney label stickers are an exceptional communication method for new or used vehicles at the point of sale between buyers and dealers.

How important is a Monroney label?  

In order to help the customer make an informed purchase decision on the pricing of a new car, the Monroney label is the single most important aspect during the sales process. New Monroney labels include rating scores on how well a vehicle supports drivers in a collision, how well it helps prevent a crash, and how well these are combined into yet another overall ranking. Before the Monroney sticker existed, customers had to trust the salesperson at the dealership to provide them with information about what a car included, and how much it cost. The Monroney sticker made that information accessible for all new cars.

Since it has become mandatory for dealerships to have new or used vehicles displaying the Monroney label at all times during the sales process, It is also important that during all the various seasons of a year, cold, rain, winds, or excessively high temperatures, these Monroney stickers remain intact and well covered. Here at Monroney Plus, we help dealerships do just that. We offer clear protective laminate pouches or sleeves for your window stickers, made from durable materials that will keep your Monroney labels well protected all year round.

Please email us and we will be happy to assist you if you are looking for a particular size for your Monroney Lamination pouches. Get in contact with us at 1-602-820-9009.

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