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Car Lamination

No. Monroney Plus offers the laminates, laminating machines and mounting tape to adhere YOUR existing Monroney to a dealer’s new or used car window. This provides Monroney Protection from bad weather, saving you time and money.

You do it yourself. It’s a simple process. Use your existing Monroney and place it next to the printed Addendum in the laminate purchased.

Hot Lamination Pouches are 7 mil ultra clear and ideal to adhere your Monroney Plus Addendum on the INTERIOR car window. Interior mounting protects the Monroney from the weather. Hot Laminates pouches come in six sizes. A Laminating Machine is used to seal your Monroney and Addendum together. It is adhered to any window with a clear double sides tape. Lamination Pouches have the most custom sizes, are easy to install, less expensive and can be taken off and on.

Cold Laminates are available should you choose to adhere your Monroney Plus Addendum to the EXTERIOR of the car. This can be a great option as long as it is done right. Exterior application requires a full seal to the glass. Improper installation will allow moisture to damage your Monroney. Cold Laminate sheets are available in three sizes

Call our office to discuss the Best Choice for your dealership. 602-820-9009

Our Laminate product selector can help you select the right size. Simply select options, from the laminate drop-down list, that best fits your need.

Federal Law requires the Monroney to be attached to the window. Our double-sided CLEAR Mounting tape has a strong tack toward the Hot Laminates and a medium tack outward toward the window. This allows the tape to hold to the Laminate, not the window. Many vehicles such as Jeeps, and sport convertibles leave you nowhere but the windshield to place the Monroney Plus Addendum. This allows you to easily remove the New or Used car pricing for a test drive and simply put it back up when you’re done. It is important to have the pricing and options displayed proudly.
Walk your dealership lot and ask yourself:

Am I 100% happy with how I present my Pricing to my customers?

Can my customers see the information they want to see to make a buying decision?

Do I have adequate Monroney Protection from weather and damage?

MonroneyPlus recommends the Monroney, MonroneyPlus Addendum, Used Car Pricing with AS-IS Disclaimer be adhered to the glass. (except on a test drive).

If you purchased Hot Laminate pouches, you’ll need a Laminating Machine— if you don’t already own one—to seal the laminate together to create a clean and clear window application.

Laminating film is usually made of a base film, such as polyester or PVC, and is then coated with an adhesive. Adhesives can be activated either by thermal heat or by high-pressure, so they are not toxic.

Yes. In the United States, all new cars are required to have one displayed.