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A Quick History About The Monroney Window Sticker And How It Benefits You!

A Quick History About The Monroney Window Sticker And How It Benefits You!

If you’ve ever gone to a car dealership then you’ve seen a Monroney window sticker. These laminated stickers have plenty of information on them regarding the car that they are attached to. There is a layered history on why these stickers are included with new cars. These stickers were implemented in order to better inform consumers of what they were purchasing.

Before The Monroney Window Sticker

Before 1958, there were no stickers included with new cars. All you had to go off of for prices was the showroom price and the actual price tag on the car itself. This lead to many large discrepancies between the two, as there were many hidden charges by the dealers. Many of these charges included things like freight/transportation charges, federal/local taxes, & equipment changes; yet none of that was visible to the consumer. Due to the vast differences in prices, there was a sharp decline in automobile sales during the 50s. That was until Senator Monroney came along.

Senator Monroney & His Bill

In 1958, Senator Michael Monroney proposed a bill that would take away the mystery of what you were paying for. The bill was called the Automobile Information Disclosure Act of 1958. This bill enacted that dealers must include a label/sticker that contained all the information that was previously missing from the consumer. This bill received widespread support from consumers and dealers alike, as they felt that it would increase the confidence in potential buyers if they know what they’re purchasing.

Monroney Window Stickers In The Present

Once the bill was passed, morale about purchasing automobiles increased greatly. Consumers were far more comfortable with making purchases knowing what they were being charged for, and they could still bargain for a lower price. This made it feel like the consumers were being offered a fair deal, rather than being manipulated into paying a higher price. These stickers eventually received their moniker based on the Senator who passed the bill. That is why they are called Monroney Stickers.

Get Your Monroney Window Sticker Laminated

Contact Monroney Plus to get custom-sized laminates for your automobile stickers. These laminates are made of the most durable materials to help display all the important information with the level of protection you’re looking for. Keeping these stickers in order is mandatory by the Automobile Information Disclosure Act of 1958. Regardless of that, you’ll want to look the most presentable to your customers. If you have rips & tears on your sticker it will look extremely unprofessional to your potential clients. Give Monroney Plus a call at 602-820-9009, or fill out your information on the contact page.

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