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Online Addendum Builder
Addendum Plus Software

What Is Addendum Plus?

Making Addendums to Car Sticker Lamination Has Never Been Easier!

Make your addendums from your phone or PC.

About the Phone App
 Scan VIN.
Enter MSRP.
Select Equipment.
Your done in SECONDS
The Phone App can do many processes without a PC. Vin Scan quickly auto-fills Year, Make, Model. During your set up you will use our unique Workspace Feature to assign each dealership seperate phone signons. With this, you can have all your dealerships on one pulldown menu, different ones per location, or any combo you want. This saves you from having to signing in and out if you do addendums for several dealerships from one location.  It is a convenient and fast way to automize tasks that are typically tedious to do so that you can focus on other things. But what does the app entail and what are the benefits? Well, there are many different uses for the software itself but below we listed a few of the main reasons why someone would invest in it.

The Benefits of Addendum With Car Sticker Lamination

Addendum Customers:
-Reprints and Edits
  • If you’ve made it once it is saved and available to edit and reprint. Simple stock/vin search. Edit and reprint all in seconds.
  • No more typing info. The App fills year, make, model, and auto-adds the cost of the equipment added.
  • Changing the addendum for every car on the lot? This system will save TONS of hours and make it a much easier task.
-Create Addendums anywhere/anyone
  • Sales Managers
  • PDI can scan/check-in cars and others can add the rest or PDI does it all.
  • Front Desk cut and paste VINS and the software fills the fields.
  • Assign it to Vendors
  • Anyone with a phone can do it.
  • Email or printed invoices ensure your customer has them the same day.

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