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Online Addendum Builder
Online Addendum Builder

What Is Addendum Plus?

Make Vehicle Addendum Building Easy! is our online addendum builder featuring 3 software products. They are sold separately or combined.

  1. Addendum Maker
  2. Dealership Invoicing
  3. Auto Payroll Tracking

These are all web-based software. Each can use the VIN Scan Phone App to collect car information and create Vehicle Addendums or Invoices.

About the Phone App

The Phone App can do many processes without a PC. Vin Scan quickly auto-fills Year, Make, Model. During your set up you will use our unique Workspace Feature to assign each dealership to the VIN Scan App. With this, you can have all your dealerships on one pulldown menu, different ones per location, or any combo you want. This saves you from having to run back into the office constantly to update information. Why do all that when you can get the information right onto your phone?

Addendum Plus Maker App: Scan VIN. Select Equipment. Enter MSRP. Print.

Invoicing App: Pull down Menus collects: Which Dealership, VIN Scan, Stock#, Tech/Techs,   Work done, RO/PO, optional Photo, additional Notes, and creates the invoice.

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