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What Information does a window decal provide?

A car’s Monroney window decal presents all of the features, options, and charges associated with every single new car in the United States. You’ll frequently also hear it referred to as a car’s window sticker.

Included on the Monroney decal are important pieces of information, which include:

  • Basic model information – This section is comprised of the most basic vehicle information including make, model, year, interior and exterior color, and trim level.
  • Standard equipment – In this section, you can find the MSRP and all items and extras included. You can find standard equipment categorized into the exterior, interior, safety, comfort, and performance.
  • Optional equipment – The optional equipment listed in this section can either include factory-installed options bundled in packages or pick-and-choose options.
  • Warranty information – Here you find the vehicle’s bumper-to-bumper and powertrain warranty lengths, and any additional warranties offered.
  • Pricing information – A car’s “decal price” is found on the Monroney label. Lots of numbers are also listed in this section, including things like the base price, the cost of options, destination fees, and any gas guzzler tax (tax charged on vehicles that don’t meet required fuel economy levels).
  • Parts content information – This section includes where the car was assembled, and what percentage of parts used are US/Canadian and foreign.
  • Total price – The Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) including destination charges.
  • Fuel economy label – In this section, you can see the EPA-estimated fuel economy.
  • QR code – When you scan this square with your smartphone, you’re directed to the EPA website where you can customize driving stats to see what your personal fuel economy might be.
  • Safety ratings – Listed are safety ratings from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

It’s important you read all of the information listed on a car’s Monroney label because it lists such vital things as estimated fuel economy, safety ratings, and the MSRP of the vehicle. Plus, you can easily ask questions about the car – including pricing – with all of the information right there. As you can see, there is a lot of relevant information packed on the Monroney decal, and again, with good reason! Monroney Plus provides clear protective laminate pouches or sleeves for your window decal, made from durable materials that will keep your Monroney labels well protected all year round. 

Please email us and we will be happy to assist you if you are looking for a particular size for your Monroney Lamination pouches. Get in contact with us at 1-602-820-9009.

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